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  1. Samata
    May 2, 2024 @ 5:42 pm

    Ritu I dont know what words I should use to show my gratitude to you. You might be a co-author for this book but you handled it like your own baby with so much love and care which perhaps any of us cant do. This is I call as pure love and a sign of being emotionally strong women who knows how to work with elegance, sincerity and complete devotion. One of the finest presentation of the book so far I have seen. Loved it completely


  2. Ambica Gulati
    May 2, 2024 @ 7:06 pm

    What a marvelous way of sharing the nuggets of goodwill and learnings! This has been beautifully done Ritu. I must say books are more than just healers, they are miraculous mentors. Mire power to you for spreading the positivity.


  3. Jaideep Khanduja
    May 3, 2024 @ 9:00 am

    “Brave Inked Emotions” stands as a testament to the healing power of shared stories and personal triumphs. This anthology, carefully curated by Roma Gupta Sinha, offers readers a mosaic of experiences that reflect resilience, courage, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. The diversity of narratives not only provides a rich tapestry of life’s challenges and victories but also serves as a reminder that while our struggles are uniquely our own, the journey towards healing and empowerment is a shared one.

    Books like “Brave Inked Emotions” play a crucial role in mental and emotional wellness. They offer us a mirror and a window—a mirror in which we can see parts of ourselves reflected in others’ stories, and a window into the diverse ways individuals navigate life’s complexities. This dual perspective can validate our feelings and inspire us, providing a sense of companionship and hope in times of solitude and despair.

    For anyone seeking a beacon of inspiration or a quiet companion in moments of need, this anthology promises to be a nurturing presence. It’s not just a book but a community of voices, each telling us that no matter the weight of our struggles, we are not alone in our journey toward healing.


  4. Noor Anand Chawla
    May 3, 2024 @ 9:24 am

    A very comprehensive spotlight post! Thanks RItu 🙂


  5. Swarnali Nath
    May 3, 2024 @ 11:19 pm

    You have wonderfully summed-up the reviews, Ritu. Glad to read such uplifting words by the book reviewers.


  6. Cindy DSilva
    May 6, 2024 @ 12:24 pm

    Wow! That’s an awesome write-up on why someone should buy the book! Loved it! Glad to see so many praises for the book and editor, too. Waiting to read it. Hopefully will do that soon!


  7. Caroline
    May 19, 2024 @ 12:15 pm

    All those praise for the book makes me want to read each one of those stories. I’m sure you all have worked your heart out on this book. Keep up the good work.


  8. Tarang
    May 20, 2024 @ 3:06 pm

    That’s wonderful and powerful to come up with such an inspiring concept. Congratulations, Ritu! So happy for you. And you have composed this post so beautifully. Best wishes, always.


  9. Manali
    May 21, 2024 @ 5:10 pm

    Thank you so much for the shoutout and sharing the interview reel. It was such an inspiring and insightful conversation. Congratulations to Roma, you and all the contributors.


  10. Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan
    May 21, 2024 @ 10:22 pm

    Getting to read the views of co-authors & reviewers at one point is a big treat. Thanks for presenting such a nice write-up.


  11. Preeti Chauhan
    May 22, 2024 @ 12:00 pm

    You have covered every aspect of the book so well Ritu. From the quotes from authors to the highlights and the labor behind the book, you left nothing out. As a co-author and Beta reader, I have seen the book take shape closely and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope this book reaches many more men and women who are growing through a hard time, to get the courage to get through that.


  12. Harshita Nanda
    May 28, 2024 @ 6:42 pm

    First of all, congratulations once again Ritu on your transformation from a book blogger to an author. Seeing one’s book baby physically is an unforgettable experience.
    Brave Inked Emotions has been aptly titled since all the authors of the book have been very brave in acknowledging their emotions and writing them down. I am sure the stories will provide solace and support to those who are struggling emotionally.
    Best Wishes


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